Sundays, November 20th & 27th

~during our Morning Worship~

Our Special Harvest Offering is an opportunity to say “thank you” to God for all He has provided for us throughout the year by giving to those who have been less fortunate or struck by hardship in the mission field.  This year, please consider giving over and above your regular weekly offering to bless the ministry of Gator Camp, who has suffered damage from Hurricane Ian very recently.

Did you know that CMF has…  

· Many relational ties with those who work and advocate for Gator Camp?

· Sent youth on missions trips to help at Gator Camp?

· Had a past youth director who worked at this camp?

· Youth who have possible aspirations to be “chiefs” (counselors for the boys) at Gator Camp?

Gator Wilderness Camp School, located on a 250 acre property in southwest Florida, hosts a year-round camping program designed specifically to serve adolescent boys from the ages of 11-15 years old who significantly struggle to interpret a myriad of issues in their  families, schools, and communities. The camp staff is dedicated to sharing Christ’s unconditional love them and their families, and make it a goal to pursue relationships with those in need and to offer a navigational beacon of hope and healing in the name of Christ.



Nov 20, 2022


2985 Broadway Road, Milton, PA 17847

Contact Number

(570) 742-7315